the great escape

You know those people who are all “don’t run away from your problems”? I don’t like them very much. When I bought a ticket to Calgary in the middle of June I was running away; I didn’t want to be in Ontario a second more. Waiting for June 23rd was the longest 2 weeks of my life.


I don’t think running away is necessarily a bad thing. I needed to feel some happiness again. I needed to not have every conversation be about something negative. Without being all eat-pray-love, I needed some good food (hello Cactus Club and Jelly Modern) and I needed some joy.

My 6 days in Calgary reminded me of the things I love the most; the smell of roses on city streets, lilac bushes on every corner perfuming entire blocks, words and designs on sidewalks, a city skyline…

bowriver1 calskyline

13thave heart

my great escape reminded me how much I love being able to work from anywhere, especially super hipster cafes that serve fantastic coffee and have amazing records playing

analog analog

reminded me that (sisterly) date nights can be so simple but perfect, that long, aimless walks (strolls?) are kind of amazing, and thank goodness the zoo tickets were free cause zoo animals are kind of boring (but the bears, eeeep, loved the bears)

shakespeareinthepark howdy

calgaryzoo1 calgaryzoo3

reminded me that climbing 1500m straight into the air can produce a slightly alarming rapid heartbeat and a most beautiful view (more on the hikes in a few days), and for a little while you kinda feel invincible (don’t harsh my vibe actual mountain scalers)


most of all it reminded that sistertime is the most valuable thing in my life. While I’m sad we’re not in the same province, Ontario (at least my little portion) is pretty lame and I love being able to go visit Alberta. (although I’m sure we also get along better because we see each other for 4-7 days once every few months…but still, she’s my fave)



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