friday, i’m in love


  • that “A” up there…it’s stamped into the concrete in front of Analog in Calgary. Look around, take the time to notice/appreciate the little things.
  • cherries!
  • other than my blushed cheeks and mild sweating due to frequent sexual comments, Michael Bublé in concert is phenomenal! (coming in the next week or so, things I love and do not love about concert going)
  • blog friends, meet jj, my new laptop. she’s adorable and small and light and was on sale and I hope we have a very long and happy life together.
  • the fact that i’m writing this means I didn’t die in Canmore last Friday (about halfway up a 1500m incline my short term goal was “don’t die today” and I didn’t which meant I got to witness Grassi Lakes. And oh sweet baby jesus am I ever happy my body isn’t being picked apart my bears. I credit most of my not dying to sister’s patience and a deer – a real one – that I saw right when I needed to; it guided me up the freaking mountain.) We followed that up with the upper falls at Johnston Canyon (more not dying, woot. Alberta, you need to re-consider your meaning of “easy”) and a leisurely (actually) stroll around the Delta in Kananaskis.
  • O.M.G. (SISTER!) Jersey Boys – live theatre – is coming back to Toronto in December/January. AND Quinn VanAntwerp is playing Bob! OMG! Downside? it’s here while I’m usually in Georgia. Humph. You think maybe they’ll go from Toronto to Jacksonville? SSI Community Theatre? Nothing says date afternoon quite like Southern Soul BBQ lunch then Jersey Boys matinee. (Oh hi, I’m an old lady. AlsoI’m totally onto something, call me Southern Georgia tourism)
  • ontario strawberries!
  • new favourite dinner: grilled chicken with sauteed peaches, green beans, potatoes with a little teriyaki sauce, a few cherry tomatoes, covered with parmesan cheese.


happy friday/happy independence day! plans? are you having sangria? I could totally go for a glass… (I say that, but in reality, I’d have one glass then get all sun-drunk tired, have a 3 hour nap and wake up grumpy because I’m not a good napper and am probably burnt then be groggy for the whole evening unless someone grilled me a perfect steak and let me go to bed at 9pm. So, ah, someone enjoy that sangria for me)


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