friday, i’m in love


  • hi hi hi from my most favourite coffee shop – Analog Coffee – on 17th Ave in Calgary! (well hi from Thursday when I wrote this). Analog is full of fabulous hipster charm (slightly rusted sign and a wall of records) and a seat in the corner with an outlet for hours of working and window for people watching
  • my mission in Calgary has been to enjoy the little things – stopping and smelling the roses (literally), spending an hour running my fingers over well loved books at a used bookstore, walking by the water, sitting in the park, people watching reading, frequent trips to Cactus Club, taking a bunch of random (but makes me so happy) photos, and doughnuts from Jelly Modern. Pretty much all the joys in life.
  • talking about my love for little things, have you heard of Happify? It’s a website with activities and games designed to train your brain and help you build skills for lasting happiness, delivering effective and measurable results. Playing games to promote happiness – that’s pretty cool. ya? Like(ish) candy crush but doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out. (seriously, candy crush, why do I love-hate you?)
  • I read Sarah Jio’s Goodnight June over the last 2 days. OMGamazing. If you love bookstores and authors and sisters and writing letters and love stories, this is the book for you.
  • I’m major lame, y’all know that; so, doing tons of stuff with sister is the highlight of my summer (even though it just started, I’m sure nothing in the next 3 months will be better). Good restuarants, long walks, Shakespeare in the Park (Comedy of Errors, didn’t love the story, but the acting and sitting in the park was amazing), Jersey Boys! Sis and I went to see it on Thursday night…it was…ok. Not bad. But not as phenomenal as the live theatre performance. The last few minutes were amazing, though.


What’s been the little thing, the little, most amazing thing that made your week great? Fun long weekend plans?  (long, long weekend? most our clients are off Monday and Tuesday, so, we’ll be enjoying lots of time off). I head back to Ontario Saturday night (waaaahhhhh), but then Michael Buble on Sunday night and 2 days at the lake. 


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