friday, i’m in love


  • I read The Fault in Our Stars over 4.5 hours on a Starbucks patio last Sunday. Yes, the whole thing that quickly. Yes, all the hype around the book is justified. It’s amazingly well written and I suspect the only reason I didn’t big-fat-tears-ugly-cry would be because I read it in public. I will absolutely not go see it in a theatre though. I will weep in the comfort of my own home when it’s available to borrow from the library. (A friend took her daughter and there were people sobbing – SOBBING – in the theatre. The thought of that makes me very uncomfortable)
  • But then maybe I had tears in my eyes listening to Lucky. Yes, 2000 pop Britney Spears Lucky. (and omg I just told the interwebz that. I kind of have no shame when it comes to pop music)
  • Jersey Boys! BOOM! Movie comes out today. Unfortunately it’s not playing at the 2 theatres near where my Dad lives, so, sis, we’re definitely going next week! (then yes, I do have plans to see it again with my dad next weekend, even if we have to drive into a real city…)
  • let’s stop calling thinly cut baked vegetables fries, ok? those are broiled green beans, not fries. They are naturally fry shaped. You literally did nothing to them but put them in an oven. They’re not even fried. Same goes for asparagus and carrots and, oh, anything other than a potato. (I have so much misguided rage, sometimes)
  • packing list is in full swing; I can’t wait to get on that plane Monday. (don’t even pretend like you didn’t think I was an OCD packing list kind of person)
  • the lack of other people’s follow through is really driving me crazy (I know I said this last week or the week before, but UGH). I know everyone wants to be a yes-man or a yes-gal, but be realistic, ok? use this as a reminder that saying yes to everything probably means you’re half-assing some of it and people are noticing…and they’re annoyed. And if by some miracle you’re not half-assing your work (good for you), you’re probably exhausted and neglecting other important things in your life – sleep, friends, binge watching TV.
  • World Pride starts tonight in Toronto – the first ever to be held in North America! Happy World Pride, friends!
  • tv things: through the course of the week I’m watching episodes from seasons 1, 3, 4, 5 of Rookie Blue (different stations, different days of the week) and it’s awesome. Although, RB, when you say you’re in pursuit at Bloor and Brunswick and you’re in the alley behind the Duke at Yonge/Roehampton, some people can tell. (and no, I don’t spend a lot of time in alleys behind the Duke; bestie lives 4 blocks away and it’s yellow, it’s easy to spot)
  • did you see the newest Brian Williams raps on The Tonight Show this week? Baby Got Back! so good! (and yes, I absolutely just watched all of them again – Rapper’s Delight might be my favourite)
  • last friday, a friend and I (HI EM!!) had the most amazing dinner date! I am still dreaming about the burrata and wood fired pizza – I could not unbutton my pants fast enough (true story). Also, I know better, dresses were made to cover food-babies; rookie move wearing pants on a dinner date.
  • so tomorrow is the first day of summer (um, what? ok, talk about a year that is just flying by), so, this would be a poignant time for me to remind you about wearing sunscreen. I’m a diligent SPF wearer (it’s even in my twitter bio during warm months…mitten wearer during the cold months). It’s a damn shame my white girl skin still likes to burn whilst covered in SPF60.


kind of a boring week around here – mostly because nothing compares to the excitement of heading to Alberta next week.  what’s been awesome in your world? fun summer plans? 


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • Ahhhh, HAVE FUN! It’s playing at the theatre across the street from me, but thought 3x in a week might be pushing it, so, I’ll wait. It was 2 years and 2 weeks ago that I saw the NKOTBSB concert, which has been the great concert I’ve been to so far. NO SHAME!

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