friday, i’m in love


  • what is it that makes unavailable men so desirable? chatted with mr. completely unavailable Thursday; so much swoon.
  • I’ve been going to hot yoga on Thursday mornings; for the first 5 weeks I had dizzy spells and acid reflux during or after. With a few breakfast modifications and some google searches week 6 was amazing. I loved it.
  • i keep waking up in the middle of the night and “that fireball whiskey whispers temptation in my ear…got the country boy charm turned all the way on tonight” pops into my head. Every night. Bless your heart Florida Georgia Line. Also, for the love of country boys, it would be nice to get more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep.
  • tv things: still swooning over Rookie Blue. Seriously, for the love of hot men in uniform. Reruns are also on a few times a day during the summer. Win. (like season one luke being all not douchey and super adorbs. yah)
  • I’ve been needing some time away from Ontario and on a whim booked a ticket to go see my sister later this month. I can’t even wait. When can I start packing?
  • someone (maybe me?) taught Dad “en fuego”. As in “man, the Jays are en fuego!” (except maybe we had this convo when they were actually winning games. sis is not pleased)
  • I’m pretty much in full small town hipster mode: ripped jeans, (slightly dirty) side braid or milkmaid braids, flip flops, long necklaces with pretty blush feathers.
  • song of the week: from sis to me (cause she tells me all the good songs) to you: Raging Fire – Phillip Phillips (um, does it bother anyone else that his parents named him this?) (ps: new Passenger CD came out this week, free song at Starbucks this week is Rolling Stone)

4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Totally agree with the unavailable thing. Sigh. #singlegirlproblems. Also, love FGL and all country boys, for that matter. They are en fuego! Happy Friday!

  2. Let’s be serious, “it’s Friday I’m in love” is always a good song to play, they played it on the announcement system at work yesterday afternoon, instant day brightener. And find a man who is available, you deserve it 🙂

    • i most definitely sing it every time I write this up! Oh, let me assure you, I am looking for an available gent….the unavailable one just happened to be around on Thursday night. sigh. the hunt continues…

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