sunday morning hike: starkey hill

I love Sundays. Love love love em. Whether it’s lazy days reading magazines and watching Criminal Minds in bed till noon or sitting on the patio with pancakes or getting up early, running errands then going hiking. Which is what I did yesterday.





Not too shabby.

Not awesome? The 4.5cm mosquito welt I have on my calf (yes, I measured) and the other 10 bites scattered on my legs, arms, and shoulder blades. Must. Get. Bug Spray! Though 11 bites is no where near as bad as when sis and I went last year…exactly 365 days ago, coincidentally.

Then I went home, changed, and took my (mildly) stinky self to the river for a picnic and reading under a shaded tree for the rest of the afternoon while Dad BBM’d updates from the Jays game.


4 thoughts on “sunday morning hike: starkey hill

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