friday, i’m in love


  • maybe I went to the park this morning and maybe I cut a few lilac branches. maybe.
  • endless high fives for my pookie bear, Megan who finished (is going to finish) her last day of a 30 day yoga challenge today. she’s super awesome!! (check out Megan’s blog for more – hilarious – thoughts on the last 30 days)
  • I felt like a big lame-o blogger sell out yesterday when I bought peonies. Yes, I get it instagram, errbody has some. But I just haaaaad to. They’re so pretty.
  • I temporarily forgot I had ovaries, then BOOM, hot man in a suit holding a baby.
  • Kelsey Miller’s The Anti-Diet Project. Again, a gem sister sent me. (seriously how lame would I be without you, Laur?) Love the message, luuuurve Kelsey’s writing. Can’t wait for a new article on Monday.
  • 3 weeks till the Jersey Boys movie!
  • is it still running away if you own your home and a car? Or you know, are over 8? I have the craziest desire to run away from home.
  • tv things: can Rookie Blue just stop revolving around Andy? She’s fine and all, but more other people, please! (ahem, Nick. I think Nick needs a big ol’ hug, and well, I can be downtown in about an hour. holla). Other than that, I’m just re-watching Chicago PD and tuning into Jays games while BBM’ing Dad. Jump on the Jays lovin’ bandwagon, Canadians, they’re pretty hot right now.

6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Thanks Pookie! I just left my yin class and feel proud, accomplished, exhausted, etc. Thanks for the endless support and love! I can’t wait to start my new yoga+creativity adventures! Xo

  2. Such pretty lilacs! Those were my mom’s favorite when I was growing up, but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any. I’m starting to wonder if they even exist in NorCal. I’d love to smell them again.

    • we had the biggest lilac tree in the backyard of my childhood home; I miss it so much, so when I spotted a tree in the park I figured I needed to cut a few branches for myself. Fresh lilacs can’t compare in any way to scented candles or room sprays.

  3. We had huge lilacs in front of our porch growing up. My lilacs are in bloom now and smell sooooo nice when I walk out my front door.
    “Forgot about my ovaries” Haha you’re funny 🙂

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