friday, i’m in love


  • outfit of the week: side braid, ballcap (gojaysgo), slouchy black sweater or t-shirt, cuffed jeans, flip flops. And by outfit of the week I mean outfit of my life.
  • are you a side sleeper? a side sleeper that somehow pushes the pillow up against the headboard at night? your life will be significantly improved after buying this pillow. (which somehow, is $10 cheaper in Canada…that never happens. Live in Ontario? Don’t get too attached, it’s out of stock; but if they have them on display, ask to purchase it, that’s what I did and they took 30% off) I have never slept so well. OK, I’m sure at some point I have. But sleep has been good in the last 2 weeks.
  • sourdough + broiled extra old cheddar + fresh basil. I’m eating my emotions with carbs and cheese; is there any other way?
  • because I really dig being 5 months behind the times, I finally saw Wolf of Wall Street last night. Then I wept for humanity. Then I watched kitten videos on youtube. Also saw Dallas Buyers Club this week; interesting. Sucks to not get HBOCanada, would love to watch The Normal Heart on Sunday. Where are the romcoms? I’m so over comic-book movies and stupid humour movies (not that I’ve ever seen any). Let me live vicariously through someone else’s romance, dammit!
  • talking about movies, 4 weeks until Jersey Boys comes out. FINALLY something I’m looking forward to seeing.
  • and also about living vicariously through other people’s (fake) romance, I winked at my TV on Monday. A hmmmmmm and a wink.
  • TV things: Rookie Blue! I re-watched all of season 4 – 13 episodes – last weekend (yes, I was winking a scene from S4E11) before Monday’s premiere. Good stuff. I am not an Andy + Sam fan. Oh Nick, major swoon. And I hope Luke’s back. Chicago PD finale was great. Also totes swooning over Halstead.
  • made another glitter frame for my cork board yesterday. did you know these are my most searched blog/pinterest item? Someone looks at that post everyday; that’s really super cool. (oh, and yes, I have an actual cork board. it has concert tickets, photos, quotes, song lyrics, stickers, washi tape garland, magazine clippings, cards, and a Mike Hobbins player card all held up with the prettiest ribbon, mini glitter clips, and the greatest polka dot and bow push pins)


What’s making your heart beat extra fast this week? 


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