friday, i’m in love


  • perfect for summer – lemon coconut bodyscrub – I’m assuming licking yourself/others is highly encouraged (Leah say it isn’t, but I think it’s a-ok)
  • more extra high ponytails with a side of Starbucks (blond roast + toffee nut syrup + 2% milk) today
  • TV things: nothing earth shattering. Criminal Minds finale was good; obvs they’re not killing Reid. Fans on the twitter are way over-dramatic. Like way more than me. Never really warmed up to Alex anyway. Grey’s Anatomy – don’t even know why I still watch it; meh finale. Again twitter people, why were you sobbing? There was nothing to cry about! Chicago PD, yes, I’m still in (fake tv) love with Halstead. My bad-boy sometimes (also fake tv) boyfriend Tim Riggins (Texas Forever) was on the Tonight Show earlier this week; loved it. Hart of Dixie tonight, steal my heart third (fake tv) bf, Wade Kinsella. Rookie Blue comes back Monday!!
  • and a pet peeve. I really love sports – ok, I love lacrosse and baseball – but I really don’t love a lot of sports fans. You may know that the Montreal Canadiens are the only Canadian team left in the NHL playoffs, well, didn’t a bunch of Habs fans take to social media to say mean things about Bruins/their fans after winning game 7 earlier this week. Simmer down, y’all. The Bruins organization lost a hockey series, there is no reason to say mean things or ridicule them. And let the bandwagoners bandwagon. It’s sports, cheer for whoever you damn well please. Also, please stop saying “we won” – YOU did not win. YOU do not play professional sports (unless you do, in which case, heeeeey! and congrats!) And let’s stop boo’ing people/teams, yah? Rant over.


Happy Victoria Day long weekend, Canadian friends! (and of course it went from 30C earlier in the week to 1C this morning…) I kinda forgot it was a long weekend till a friend reminded me this morning (side note: 7am text message convos rock). I’m looking forward to a trip to the market, reading, watching movies, potentially binge watching last season’s Rookie Blue (thank you OnDemand). Have any fun plans? What was the best part of your week? 


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