friday, i’m in love


  • sunshine + iced coffee + extra high ponytails
  • Collective Soul – Pearl Jam – Snoop & Dre – Tom Petty (and sometimes The Heartbreakers) – Billy Ray Cyrus. Oh 90s on 9
  • but also Dave Clark Five and the Jersey Boys soundtrack
  • finally springtime weather
  • reading on the patio (with more iced coffee)
  • lemon greek yougart + fresh raspberries
  • LUSH lip scrub + epic blends vegan wildberry (my dry lips haven’t got the memo it’s not winter anymore)
  • TV things – loved the Mindy Project finale right up to the last scene. Rookie Blue starts up again in 10 days! Hart of Dixie got renewed; hooray mindless, super hottie, guilty pleasure
  • my favourite photographer, Amy is having a sale before her new website launches. Use the code NORTHBIRCHGROVE for 30% prints and magnets in her etsy store.


What are you loving lately?


6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Allison I love your list…extra high ponytails YES! Sunscreen forever and every day {even in the winter} although I wish I were smarter about it in my 20’s…self tanning cream is go to or just being outdoors. I want to read more:)

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