sandwich week

How many kinds of cheese in ones fridge is too many? 7? Certainly not 6. Having extra old white cheddar, parmesan, fresh buffalo mozzarella, sliced gruyere, babybel, and gorgonzola is perfectly normal, right? YAH?! (ok good)

While having Friday night fajitas (it’s a weekly staple in this house) I had a major hankering for even more meat + carb + cheese + a few veggies. Oh hey (self-imposed) sandwich week. Oh hey a whole bunch of sammies in a week with 6 consecutive days of rain. Seriously, this doughy, cheesy, meaty goodness made last week a little more tolerable.

Cheddar Melts

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Broiled extra old cheddar
A wee sprinkle of salt
(made it a second time and added fresh basil; this will definitely be my summer go-to)



French Baguette
Carmelized peppers and onions
Thick cut deli roast beef (which was fine but not great, nowhere near as good as actual steak would be) heated in a pan with beef stock
Broiled gryuere

Turkey Club


Crispy bacon
Thick cut maple roasted deli turkey
Sliced tomato
Guacamole (mashed avocado + extra lime)
Shredded extra old cheddar

Caprese with Procuitto
(aka: my absolute favourite)


Sliced deli prosciutto
Fresh buffalo Mozzarella
Sliced tomato
Fresh basil leaves
Drizzled with fig balsamic vinegar


OMG, I’m hungry again. What’s your favourite sandwich? 


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