friday, i’m in love

allison (fallon tonight)

  • that was from the April 30th’s Tonight Show segment “in reply to”. Oh Starbucks, it’s not Alyssa. Or Emily.
  • I bought three kinds of coffee last weekend. Feel like a cup of coconut, salted caramel, or snickerdoodle, come on over!
  • how sick are you of me telling you about my love for Florida Georgia Line? Oh you’re not? Good, cause I can’t get This is How We Roll (FGL f. Luke Bryan) out of my head. I had an awful allergy attack at 4am Tuesday and this is what got me back to sleep. (Georgia boys kind of rapping warms my heart)
  • do you know my views on eating gluten-free if you don’t have celiac? No? these are them. Do you not know how great bread is? Cause it’s wonderful.
  • I’ve mentioned this before, but was thinking about it again this week, I don’t really see what’s so great about pinterest. I’ve tried. Well, kind of tried. Why am I going to “pin” a bunch of fantasy items to a fantasy cork board on the interwebz? I will never have a grand spacious home with wide plank wood floors. Probably no vacation to Bora Bora. That dress? Yah my arm wouldn’t fit in it let alone my whole body. I roll my eyes at inspirational quotes and somehow if I find a recipe in advance of the day I want to make something I don’t feel like it anymore. I have a lot of imaginary boyfriends, I don’t need a lot of imaginary things to go with them.
  • TV things – does anyone else watch Chicago Fire & Chicago PD? Loved the crossover episode. BUT I am so over Casey + Dawson (and yes, I somehow felt the need to say it again even though I’ve been saying it since last May). Erin + Kelly, that I’m good with. I really like Halstead. Like a lot. Like he can be my pinterest bf if he’s (fake) interested. Another great Mindy Project episode.
  • I’m doing a wee bit of redecorating this weekend; I’m a big fan of shopping from my own home and moving some of the furniture around. Well, this Sunday, my bedroom goes back to all white with pops of pink – like these tufted ottomans (oh yes, Target lovas, I went to 4 locations to find a pair) and new blush pink/white pin dot sheets.


Short list of loves, we’ve had 60+mm of rain since Tuesday with more today and tomorrow and I’m a little cranky. Here’s to two cups of coffee…


What cheers you up when there’s been nothing but rain and grey skies? 


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Hugs. I don’t do well with rain and gloom either. What cheers me up is usually some Frank Sinatra a glass of wine and a cozy fire to relax… but wait… I have kids and that NEVER happens.

    Sunshine cheers me up… which is hard when it is raining and gloomy out.

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