sealed with a kiss

(or a gold foil heart sticker)


email – texting – twitter – facebook – instagram – love ’em all but there is nothing that touches my heart quite like turning the key and peeking into my mailbox to find a hand written note or card.

did you know April is/was National Card & Letter Writing month? To some, it may not have the appeal quite like pancake day or peanut butter day (which, ew) but every April I try to send a little something personal to all my nearest and dearest (ahem, some are still on their way, friends). I know a lot of people make new goals and refocus in January or September, but April seems like a better time for me. It’s spring, it’s a great time to feel refreshed and get back in touch with people you haven’t heard from due to hibernation. (don’t even act like you weren’t hibernating, too.)

some of my essentials for the perfectly beautiful note:

a variety of blank cards (you don’t even want to know how many I have…all collected over years and years from Target, Winners, HomeSense, Chapters/Indigo, and TJ Maxx)

sharpie pens –!

washi tape (I have a ginormous bowl all of which were stocking stuffers or picked up in post-holiday sales in Georgia)

heart stickers from Knot & Bow

a book of stamps

an updated contact list (I’m a pen and paper girl – no e-calendar, no to-do list on my smartphone, contacts are the only thing I keep – and back up frequently – electronically)


what are you waiting for?


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