friday, i’m in love



  • the Jersey Boys movie trailer! the Jersey Boys movie trailer! I am so in love with the live theatre show, I can’t wait to see the movie (although assume I will always love the live one better….mostly because I need Quinn VanAntwerp to be Bob)
  • Lee and Morty Kaufman! (ah, they’re the cutest!!) I was already president of the Swiffer fan club, but these two are making me want to buy stock in the product. Well done Swiffer, effective advertising!
  • Indigo! (most awesome bookstore/home goods store ever, for my American friends) had a twitter contest earlier this week celebrating World Book Day; the contest question was “what fictional character would you date and why?”. Um, Indigo! get out of my head. (and my answer is: pretty much all of them, I like fictional characters more than real people)
  • I have declared next week sandwich week – goods for caprese and philly cheesesteak sammies as well as fajitas are on the grocery list. (related: yes, I make a grocery list and pretty much always forget to buy something on it…I even make my list according to the store layout. I’m such a nerd.)
  • TV things: it was really nice to go to bed early last night. I miss you Scandal, I do, but when you’re not on I don’t stay up half the night worry about what shady things maaaay be going down in DC or why Olivia just won’t give Jake a chance. Thank you OnDemand for the extra Mindy Project episodes, cause no, I didn’t know there was one last Friday (the Friday before?). Did you see the one with (New Girl’s) Schmidt, but he wasn’t playing Schmidt but some other play-on-playa. Like usual, I’m just pumped for Hart of Dixie tonight, cause really, I just need things to not be complicated for a day. (hashtag reallifeisoverwhelmingsometimes)
  • Oh. OH! I’ve been seeing all this buzz around the movie trailer for Gone Girl, which makes my insides turn every time. I HATED (strong words and caps necessary) the book. Hated it. It’s so twisted (and not in a “ohh, that was unexpected” more like “she’s fucking crazy” way). She’s a sociopath people. OMG. Maybe I took it for more than a fiction novel but how do you like a book like that? I got allthefeels while reading it – and allthefeels were ick!ick!ick!
  • Very likely due to warmer weather (I will not go so far as to say warm weather, cause it’s still been below freezing this week…oomph), I am busting out the country tunes. Florida Georgia Line’s Here’s to the Good Times is great! (and not only because we vacation near the FL-GA line)
  • I’m having brunch/lunch (cause he’s already warned me he’ll be hungover, but I’m having breakfast food even if it’s after noon) with a very handsome gentleman on Sunday and I am very much looking forward to it.
  • Also on Sunday, Dad is off to the Jays game with 9 of his friends. Mom, sis, and I surprised him with tickets for his birthday (the big 6-0 was on Wednesday). He’s been friends with some of these guys since middle school; how freaking cute is that?


So, what’s been great in your week peeps? Which fictional character would you date is given the (fictional) chance?


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