friday, i’m in love


  • I’ve been seeing recipes using “leftover mini eggs”. Who are you people? Who has leftover mini eggs? More like “make sure to buy extra mini eggs to make this recipe cause God knows you inhaled the first 1kg bag”. amiright!? Also, if Creme Eggs disappeared forever I wouldn’t be sad. What the heck is in them? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had one they just look so awful.
  • weep openly, half check. rant eloquently, check. despair with flair, check. eat cake, check. make meaningless grandiose statements, check. got some upsetting news earlier this week, and am using this list of what to do when everything sucks as a template for my weekend.
  • I’m having a love affair broiled cheese lately (ok always, but it’s back). Most weeks I’ll make quiche (brocolli and pancetta) on Monday and reheat the leftovers through the week for lunch; but not just a quick few minutes in the microwave, oh no, but 15 minutes in the oven then sprinkle with cheese and make sure more gets on the baking sheet than the quiche and broil till crispy. Oh yum.
  • also really, really loving coffee. Like a lot. Like it was always my favourite and now I just want to drink it all day long. Not for the caffeine just because it’s so delicious (and because it is still freaking cold (cool…unspringlike) in Southern Ontario. bleh) I mean, how beautiful are these cafes in London? love!
  • TV things. I’m kind of over New Girl, it’s pretty meh (have you been watching, what do you think?) Haven’t seen this week’s Mindy Project but was over Mindy + Danny before it started, just no. (where’s Josh?? I know, I know, I’m the only one.) Haven’t mentioned it lately, but still really loving Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, especially how they’re meshing the two. Always good times with NCIS:LA and Hart of Dixie. And what I look forward to the most: Scandal…
  • oh baby, baby! SCANDAL! Jumping right to the end, I think they did a great job of wrapping things up. After last week’s 59:55 flashing on the bomb I assumed it would go off right at the end of the finale and we’d be waiting till September/October to see who lived and died. Now to the deep (spoiler free) thoughts – TOM! All the Pope’s be crazy; the Poppa Pope twist, nicely done. I love how the writers can make me hate Fitz in one episode then empathize with him the next (but I’ve hopped off the #teamoliviaandfitz train a long time ago). I still think Cy is up to something. I adore Jake but he needs to go stand in the sun by himself; Liv ain’t gonna save you honey. Huck and Quinn, no. More Abby next season, k? And what is up with David and the B613 files? Great finale. (and my favourite spoiler filled recap)
  • Sister went home on Tuesday night, which is not awesome, not at all. But, looking forward to my trip to Alberta and our #sistertrip2014 – even though I’m not sure when I’m headed to AB and we’re not sure where we’re heading for vacay yet…suggestions?


ps: ice cream is from Hewitts; if you find yourself anywhere near it, you MUST go. 

pps: thank you to Mary and the Holoholo Girls for the Liebster Award noms – I’m sure you’ve noticed the blog’s been a sad panda lately – I’ll get to answering some of these soon! 


7 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. OMG. Scandal thoughts. There were too many emotions in that episode for me to even know what to do with. Papa Pope twist: UGH. No surprise- B613 will end all chance or normal feelings of compassion (that sadly applies to Jake as well). HuckleberryQuinn: Gross. NO. Stop licking eachother like animals. Plus, he is too broken, and will break his lovely little family. Harrison: are you alive? Jake: Take off your shirt and come stand in the sun with ME because Olivia likes to be the other woman too much. Baby Fitz- so sad and the DNA reveal super anti-climactic. Tom: why are you evil too? You were my fave SS agent. Abby’s live tweets are the best. Whew. That is all.

  2. New Girl – I lost interest in that one after the 2nd season. I have a friend who watches and tells me when a funny episode happens.
    I don’t understand the leftover mini-egg thing either (shoulder shrug)

  3. Are we related…I love mini-eggs(I’ve been avoiding them at the store, I could eat the whole bad before making it to check out), but the cream eggs are nasty, and coffee is so fabulous. I want to drink it all day because it’s warm and delicious!

    • I was just texting with a friend about mini eggs (cause that’s what all the cool kids do on friday nights) and said “I will fight someone if I don’t find half price mini eggs at target on monday”. Discount chocolate is serious.

      Hope you enjoy endless cups of coffee through the rest of the weekend!!

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAH – #1 on this list could have totally been written by me! Because, my thoughts exactly!!! I’m a mini-egg fiend – it’s a problem I tell you! 😉

    And re: New Girl, I feel like Season 1 was great but it lost it’s sheen after that. And also, I’m really over angry Nick.

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