friday, i’m in love


  • Dean? Jess? Logan? y’all I’m #teamjess till the end with a soft spot for Marty. I can always count on Kathryn for sending anything Jess related on Buzzfeed; swoon.
  • greatest & longest Thursday ever: picking up sis in the wee hours of the morning (ok was supposed to be 7:30 turned 8am may not be the wee hours of the morning but it sure feels that way after 4 hours of sleep plus pre-rush hour traffic), breakfast, visiting grandma, shopping, lunch, jays game, sleepover with the bestie.
  • did you catch my and sis’ I’m Fit Possible instagram takeover yesterday? On National Siblings Day of all days. If you’re looking for the “fit” part, we walked around the mall and many a ramp at the Skydome (it will forever be the Skydome not Rogers Centre)
  • more baseball things? I’m all about saving money (hello everything is over-priced at stadiums), so picked up licorice and a diet coke beforehand; that plus a ballpark soft pretzel = baseball heaven. and even more baseball things? I love love love getting to the ‘dome for games. 3 cheers for sports!
  • TV things? I haven’t watched anything this week. Word is the street is Scandal was gooooood. Fingers crossed for a slow afternoon so I can watch it today before an evening potluck/meeting.
  • this week has been a complete blur; I’ve seen the sun rise 3 of the last 4 days; I’m over it, more sleep please. Also got really excited for $2 latte Tuesday this morning only to realize it isn’t Tuesday, not even a little bit.
  • I am in love with airports; like, they’re kinda my favourite place. Starbucks. Then Target. Then sporting venues (minus douchebags). Then airports (again, minus douchebags). 85 thoughts everyone has at the airport – spot.freaking.on!


What’s been superb in your week?


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