the recipe for a happy monday

Great weekend (1 day plans + 1 day relaxing + lots of sleep) = happy monday.

Now let me tell you a little somethin’ somethin’ about me; I’m totally an introvert and an old soul. A day of plans for my weekend does not include going out for drinks, unless of course it’s mimosas over brunch, or staying up past midnight, unless it’s girl talk in jammies. The things that make me happiest are brunch or shopping with friends or lazy afternoon coffee dates or reading on the couch listening to jukebox oldies.

happy monday

My great weekend started on Friday, I got lots of great mail – thank you Sarah/miracle 10, sister, and Carly and some Hart of Dixie!

Saturday morning was coffee, pancakes, glamour, and criminal minds in bed and then an afternoon of spring cleaning. Oh baby. I do NOT like cleaning, not even a little bit (organizing is a different story, I could organize and reorganize alllll day). 4.5 hours of scrubbing floors/toilets/baseboards and dusting and vacuuming, windexing mirrors and windows, then cleaning out closets, and 1 trip to goodwill. Then I slept for 10 glorious hours.

Sunday, oh Sunday. I love Sundays! A morning trip to Michaels (thank you everything I was looking for being on sale), HomeSense (managed not to buy anything, go me), and Target (only bought the kleenex I was looking for, 80000 gold stars) and Starbucks followed by more magazine reading, watching the Jays game (do we like Colby’s new haircut or miss his sweet flow? I’m on the fence), a 5km walk listening to my oldies playlist (how beautiful was yesterday afternoon?? and seriously, how fabulous is music from the 60s??), dinner, a few homemade cookies, watching Inside Llewyn Davis (not for everyone, but I really liked it till the end, it kind of had no ending), and 9 hours of sleep.

Such a simple but extremely gratifying and rejuvenating weekend. I’ve had a serious case of the blahs lately and I’m definitely feeling better today. What else is making this a happy Monday? Dinner with my Dad tonight and only 69 hours till sis is home (but who’s counting?).


What’s making you smile today? Share your little bits of sunshine over on Sarah’s blog (My Mostly Healthy Life)  or just be creepy and read about other people’s Monday happiness. Whatever floats your boat.




8 thoughts on “the recipe for a happy monday

  1. That DOES sound like a positively FABULOUS weekend!! I am dying to know, though. . . Was that 4.5 hours of cleaning REALLY all together, or did you take a few — ahem! — “intermissions” throughout? (I totally would have!) Glad you’re having a HAPPY MONDAY too! 😀

    • typically, it would have been an “intermission” after each accomplished task, but knew if I took a break, I’d probably just stop. So, started with sweeping the floors at noon and got home from goodwill at 430. My house was diiiirty! And now I don’t want to do anything out of fear of messing it up.

      • Ha! That cracks me up! It’s TOTALLY something I would do! Um. . . Except, I fear that I would have left a pile of Goodwill stuffs in the garage & added taking it to the handsome husband’s To-Do list. . . BUT, still. . . I shall live vicariously through YOUR productivity — for now!

  2. haha. I was about 30 seconds away from “I’ll drop this off at goodwill Monday” but knew that meant Monday 18 weeks from now and it would be so nice just to have it finished. Big life lesson on my Saturday afternoon.

  3. That’s how my cleaning day goes too. I hate to clean so I would rather spend half my Saturday doing it then break it up over the week. The rest of your weekend sounded great!

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