friday, i’m in love


  • my favourite mailbox (found on a random side street in Norfolk County) to kick off National Card & Letter Writing month. everyone loves snail mail!
  • i think my douchebag neighbour is moving out (has moved out?) – I am so pumped. Keep your fingers crossed a lovely, quiet person (aka: isn’t a middle aged man who listens to Katy Perry so loudly my walls shake)
  • I think I hate the gym again; just, you know, fyi. I just want to be outside, but it’s still at the freezing mark most of the time and windy. Where are you spring?
  • massive spring cleaning is (hopefully) going down this weekend. I really hate cleaning, but it really needs to happen.
  • TV things. HIMYM. And this can’t possibly be a spoiler because I’m sure everyone on earth knows how it ended. Now, this isn’t a chat room for haters, so, if you hated it, keep your damn thoughts to yourself. (and omg, people on twitter are mean.) I may be Captain “TV is real life”, but guys, calm down. Real talk: Loved the first 55 minutes. Did I want Tracy to die? not really. Did I want Ted and Robin to (maybe) end up together? Not really. But doesn’t everyone deserve a happy ending? Sure. This is my favourite piece I’ve read since (and trust me, I have no life, I’ve read most of what’s out there). Real talk part 2: I’m really sad it’s over. I have faithfully watched HIMYM from day 1 – September 19, 2005 – right till the end. 2 cities, 4 different homes, 1 ex-bf, 3 different jobs, and 208 episodes. I read an excerpt from an interview with Josh Radnor (Ted) the other day saying he met fans all over the world, and more than just loving the show, was amazed about how the story lines were relatable to so many or the comedy got them through a death in the family or a divorce or a personal illness. That the HIMYM family became their family that visited every Monday night. And y’all, cause TV is real life, that’s totally how I felt.
  • more TV things. Scandal! Fitz, get off Mellie’s back you original philanderer. I’ll save you Jake; for the love of God, I will save you. Ohhhh Olivia, maybe taking down B6-13 wasn’t the best idea? Oh baby. Still quite attached to Chicago PD/Fire. Haven’t seen this week’s Mindy Project yet, how was it? And Joel is finally leaving Hart of Dixie. Thank goodness.

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