i’m fit possible blog swap: meet melinda

It’s I’m Fit Possible blog swap day! a bunch of IFP Ambassadors have been in cahoots on a fun project writing and sharing a little more of ourselves on new friends’ blogs. Today, meet Melinda from My Life Being Renewed… (and because I can’t resist, some of my gracious comments are below in italics). You can read all about my favourite healthy snacks over on Melinda’s blog. 



Hello, blog readers – I’m Melinda and I write over at My Life Being Renewed and I am actually a blog-swap newbie, so, please be extra nice to me. Allison asked me to share my five favorite healthy tips with you – I hope you enjoy.


1. More hot teas & less coffee- I am obsessed with my Starbucks, believe me! But I know that hot teas have more antioxidants and they are less of a diuretic- so I try to keep a balance, but I don’t plan on giving up my Americanos & cappuccinos anytime soon! (I admire/envy people who can drink tea, I can’t stand it, it makes my mouth all dry. See Melinda for a great tea recommendation, come to me for ways to save money at Starbucks…my second home)

2. At night (usually while watching mindless reality shows) I crave salty snacks, so instead of having chips, I pop a bag of Newman’s Own organic popcorn & I enjoy a nice snack without the feeling of guilt, especially after watching those skinny Real Housewives- talk about motivation. (yes! loving popcorn at night, too)

3. Reward yourself – go shopping, have fun! You have been working hard on working out & eating right – so enjoy it! (have you got new spring clothes, yet? it’s still so cold in Ontario; I’m craving spring in a bad way)


4. Add a little bit of juice or flavoring to your water so that you drink more. I usually add a Starbucks Refresher pack and it tricks my brain into thinking it’s a Sierra Mist. (Canadians, Sierra Mist is like Sprite…I had to look it up. Flavoured water is also my tip to drink more water; raspberry-lemonade crystal light is my favourite)

5. Take time to relax and unplug from technology- take a nice long bath and read a book or go for a walk- so amazing, especially if you are having a stressful day! (preach! no more ipad in the bedroom for this girl)

I hope that these tips have enlightened you in some way. I hope that you come by and visit my blog soon!



Thanks Melinda!!

What are you tips for a healthy lifestyle? You KNOW mine include ending 5km river walks at the ice cream parlour.


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