friday, i’m in love


  • oh hi, again. if you follow along on feedly or bloglovin’ or perhaps twitter you may have noticed that I kinda-sorta pushed publish instead of save draft earlier this week. sigh. anyway – more fun stuff has been added since Tuesday. (yep, I start this post early in the week so I don’t forget allofthethings by the time Friday morning rolls around)
  • how much do you think my blood pressure would go down if Candy Crush (or Candy Crunch as my mom calls it) had a back button.
  • ok, so, a little story about tinder (mostly to convince you how lame I am). First, I’m super hesitant of the tinder, not (only) for the sleeze potential, but because I spend most of my time within a 1km radius of my home. Months ago sister tweets about a fire alarm in her building, the hottie firefighters, and includes #areyouontinder (or something like that). And I was all “wtf is she talking about?” so I start thinking “on tinder? like on fire? like en fuego?” Now when I hear about tinder (which is a lot, my goodness) my inner voice has a spicy spanish accent and everything is “en fuego”. so lame. This was also about the same time (ish) Timber was a popular song – my poor little uncool kid brain hurt so much.
  • my Dad and sister are champs at sending super cute photos/videos of baby polar bears (eeeeeeeeee! so cute! baby bears are my favourite). here are some baby polar bears, from me to you (via Munich).
  • a boy broke my heart a long time ago; I haven’t been able to watch 2 people kiss since (any psych peeps out there? I unconsciously avert my eyes every time people are romantic). Just the thought of that strangers kissing video makes me all sorts of uncomfortable.
  • Scandal! (my friend Jennifer gave me a big “I told you so” at lunch earlier this week – I should have listened to her and started watching back 2 years ago. ps: Jenn, Friday Night Lights is on Netflix) I’m a passenger on the #teamjake train. I do have a thing for a badboy. But c’mon, you think Cy is in on James’ murder somehow, right? Right? Huck & Quinn, I can’t. And I need more than 2 minutes of Momma Pope being a bad girl. Poppa Pope – you KNOW I think this man is hands down the best monologer (totes a word) ever. And Mellie. Sweet Mellie finally getting an affair of her own; do your thing girlfriend. (my favourite re-cap)
  • More TV things… HIMYM: 2 more weeks. I can’t even. Hart of Dixie is back today, which, woo! It just makes me so darn happy….probably cause everything else I watch is a crime/medical/political drama.
  • coffee tip courtesy of bestie’s Dad: add a pinch of cinnamon to your grinds before brewing. I’ve been doing it all week, so good.
  • the photo is from Dineen Coffee Co in Toronto – they have a delicious vanilla latte and the most exquisite floors I have ever seen. The whole cafe is gorgeous!


ps: next Tuesday is I’m Fit Possible blog swap day. You can read Melinda’s 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle here and be sure to pop over to Melinda’s blog for my favourite healthy snacks (which definitely include cookies and chocolate chips) 


3 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

    • OMG – I just laid out the biggest spoiler of Scandal life, sorry. Hopefully you already heard?

      and bf – classic! Tinder became a thing (I think) around the same time as Timber came out. I was also confusing them. Love the gays, have known about grindr for a while.

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