friday, i’m in love

friday im in love

  • Remember last month when it was Valentine’s Day and Family day all rolled into one super long weekend? Yah, I’m trying to block it out, too. Anyway, I was elbow deep into eating my feelings and somehow had no shame sharing it with all y’all. (twice, apparently). Anyhoo – I found the Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to Eating Your Feelings and now I’m feeling slightly comforted.
  • 9C on Tuesday. A freaking blizzard on Wednesday. -27C on Thursday morning. I’m so over this lousy smarch weather. Do you live in Southern Ontario/Atlantic Canada/the Midwest or NE United States? Yah? Then I KNOW you can relate to this Rick Mercer Report. It’s gonna be winter forever, isn’t it?
  • So you know how I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds? (get off my back, I work from home and there are 4 episodes on a day…it’s like background noise) The only good thing to come out of Sunday’s 4 hours of sleep (you win daylight savings) was the dream that Dr. Spencer Reid was my bf. To say I was giddy on Monday morning is an understatement. (ahem, TV is real life)
  • More TV things? HIMYM! It was a great episode. Lilypad+Marshmallow4EVA. Scandal! Is it strange that Olivia is my least favourite? Between her screaming and crying and being un-empathetic and being hot and cold with all the men in her life, it’s too much. #teamjake. More Huck & Abby.  And like usual, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire OnDemand this weekend.
  • Any of my I’m Fit Possible peeps use compression calf sleeves? Do they help shin splints? I was nearly in tears yesterday my shin splints were so bad. Any other tips?
  • I was making my grocery list this morning and remembered this hilarious Huffington Post article on surviving Whole Foods. No WF near me, but I adore picking out a few treats when I’m travelling in the States. Anyone other than sis and I look for a hotel within walking distance of Whole Foods when travelling? It actually saves us money because we pick up yougart, croissants, coffee, and at least one lunch and dinner there instead of at a restaurant, not to mention a couple of snacks I can’t get at home.


What are you loving this week? 


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