friday, i’m in love


  • let’s talk about how much I’m craving a good burger. like this one. Westcoasters, you are lucky to have Local Public Eatery. Also, a milkshake. Oh oh oh, a stop by Cactus Club, too? Adopt me BC, I’ll bring my stretchy pants.
  • Scandal! Jake, honey, I have a stocked fridge, come on over whenever you’re free, let’s play.
  • I finished watching Friday Night Lights last Sunday. My life feels a little empty right now. Thanks Katelyn, so good. (did you see the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake Family Feud skit from SNL in December? I can’t say “so good” without think of JT imitating JF)
  • I can’t remember where I first saw this – but it was something about how someone dressed themselves. Keeping this in the back of my mind, I realized while getting dressed, I put everything on right side then left (I’m right handed) – socks, shirt, coat, shoes – except my pants and earrings, those are left then right. I also brush my teeth and hair left side first. What about you?
  • The thirty seconds to mars tour is named love lust faith + dreams. I love that so much. Are there 4 greater words to inspire happiness?
  • instead of giving up anything for Lent (seriously, a lack of chocolate will likely make me a worse Catholic not a better one) I’m attempting to think about things more positively for 40 days. So far, I’ve got “I’m positive winter is never going to end. ever.” (I think the TSwizzle is singing a song about it). I did however bust out my pink polka dot mug to perk me up a little.


What are you loving this week? Fun weekend plans? 


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