friday, i’m in love


  • Late Night with Seth Meyers. Have you seen it? I most definitely can not stay up till 12:30am let alone 1:30am to see it through to the end, but have been watching previous episodes on my iPad (CTV GO app in Canada) on lazy mornings where I opt for 45 minutes in bed instead of the gym.
  • Talking about gym, I rocked out a 55 minute, 5km interval walking workout this week. Definitely the longest I’ve ever been on a treadmill. It wasn’t awful but man-oh-man I miss the great outdoors.
  • Polar(bear)vortexIII. WTF Ontario? There hasn’t been 15cm of snow in a few weeks so mother nature decided to get all cold again. You know when your feet/hands burn when they’re so cold? This is me all the time.
  • I’m all rah-rah technology, but I completely unplugged on Wednesday evening. After dinner I turned off my computer, left my phone and iPad in the living room and snuggled under my covers reading a magazine in complete silence. No TV, no music, no interruptions, and somehow the world kept turning even though I didn’t know what was trending on twitter or what buzzfeed quiz everyone was taking on facebook (btw: my Scandal character is Jake) or how many selfies were posted to Instagram. It was amazing.
  • Scandal! What? WHAT! Did you watch it last night? my spoiler-free thoughts: Olivia&Fitz: YES! You do your thing Jake, be a Patriot, I support you. Rowan/Eli Pope: between the last episode in November and Thursday’s, that man can deliver a monologue. Slow clap for Poppa Pope. Oh Mellie you little minx. Adnan: did not see that coming. David & James: werk. Quinn: sigh. (and if you did watch, the best-full-of-spoilers recap eva; seriously though, hilarious)
  • Other TV things; yes, I watched Grey’s last night, too. Why are they perma-stuck on level high of the drama scale? Tone it down a little, ya? HIMYM ends at the end of March, I’m not really prepared for that yet. I have not had one creepy dream related to my copious hours of Criminal Minds watched. New Girl? meh. I watched season 4 of Friday Night Lights last Sunday (yah, all 13 in one day, go away); I’m taking a little break from my FNL bender only due to the fact that I’m emotionally destroyed. Allofthethings happen in season 4 and I just need a little time to pull myself together. So, season 5 tomorrow? probably (it is supposed to snow all day).
  • I mentioned last week I could really go for some baked potato soup; I found an easy recipe earlier this week and made this stick-to-your-ribs meal on Thursday. It is perfect for -35C wind chills. I made a few changes, will post my recipe next week. OMGsogood. (also I felt the entire interwebz sigh cause this recipe is full of real dairy and gluten and cheese and bacon and bread and white potatoes; yah, stuff like that still exists)
  • You know how I write for, right? (so not pink, gold, and glitter) Anyway, either my fan poll or staff picks article is part of the NLL preview on ESPN lacrosse on Friday afternoons! Um, fuck yah.


Stay warm, friends! Any fun plans this weekend? I’ll be watching lacrosse tonight, eating baked potato soup leftovers and crying my way through FNL season 5 tomorrow and volunteering at Power of Movement on Sunday (ps: POM is Canada’s largest yoga fundraiser benefiting the Arthritis Research Foundation, sound like fun? you can register online through the end of today or in person at one of 11 locations across Canada. Come see me in KW!) 


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