friday, i’m in love


  • Jared Leto’s hair! honey is rocking the most amazing ombré beachy wave; I’m pretty jealous
  • i’m loving some good country music these days – Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line are getting me through my work days and making me forget (just a wee bit) that it’s winter. What is it about country tunes that just remind me of summer nights? Anyone else? (don’t worry, Macklemore and oldies are still very much in the rotation)
  • Have you seen the newest cover of Martha Stewart Living – March 2014? Hello! I would like some macarons (lemon please) and I’ll take any of those speedy weekenight dinners (in such a dinner rut). What are you eating? I’ve had yougart & berries or a smoothie for breakfast, oatmeal or eggs for lunch, and salad for dinner every day this week. boring. Do you have a delish recipe for baked potato soup? I could really go for that.
  • I love me some Jimmy Fallon. Did you see his first episode of the Tonight Show? fabulous! I cried. I made it through Valentine’s Day (with no valentine) and Family Day (with no family in this province/country) tear free just to cry at Jimmy being all cute and appreciative. Gems from the first few days: evolution of hip hop dancing and (remix) to ignition (you know, one of my all time fave songs – i know what you’re thinking “you? miss easily blushes when people even hint at inappropriate things” yah, strange. also for your viewing pleasure, Joseph Gordon Levitt (swoon) sings Ignition) and Brian Williams raps.
  • Katelyn lent me the Friday Night Lights 5 season box set; if you’re curious what I’m doing at night it’s watching FNL. I’m so happy she convinced me to stick with it; I’m really liking it. I just wanna give Matty the biggest snuggle. ugh. love. Once I opened the flood gates crying over the Tonight Show I proceed to weep (big fat tears rolling down my face) when Matt drops the ball in the endzone at the end of Arnett Meade game in Season 3, episode 3. This is my life y’all, TV is totally real. Also less than one week till Scandal is back! (!!)
  • As I’ve mentioned, the smell of peanut butter makes me want to vomit and I’m not crazy about the taste either, but have a massive crazing for peanut butter cups. Curbing the craving for 99¢ and not wanting to puke when I see PB in the pantry works for me.
  • Um, so, yah, I’ve had the most lame-o week EVAH. I have only managed to leave the house to go to lacrosse games, grocery shop, and pick up these lamp shades from Target (finally. hallelujah. new lamp shades to go with the bases I DIY’d) (also, they’re cheaper in Canada; how great is that?!)
  • Thoughts about these J.Crew sunnies (in the gold metal/tortoise not black)? I kind of love them but not sure how they’d look (I have a heart shaped face). Think the boss (Dad) will let me play hooky for a few hours next week to head over to a factory store? There is one about 30mins away. (And hell no, I will not go anywhere near that place on a weekend. it’s madness)

Is winter over yet?


4 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I love your Friday posts! I ❤ Jimmy Fallon and have loved all the hilarious things he's been doing on the tonight show. Friday Night Lights is awesome-I'm on season 2! I love those J.Crew sunnies….my bf has similar men's ones that I tell him are his Don Draper on vacation sunglasses!

    • Thanks Lauren! 🙂
      I didn’t even notice, these sunnies are actually from the men’s dep’t; I have seen quite a few gents rock them and look major sexy. I make sure to carve out at least 90-150 mins to enjoy 2-3 episodes of FNL, 1 episode is never enough.

  2. So you do not like peanut butter?? That is very interesting! You might be the first person I’ve ever met who doesn’t. So…as for a tea date this week? What’s your schedule like? Email me? xo Tara

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