friday, i’m in love


♥ bacon. i think my valentine is bacon. and doughnuts. oh, and like I mentioned earlier this week, peanut M&Ms. obviously also ice cream. (i’ll revist eating foods with actual nutrients next week)

♥ don’t we all think (hope? wish?) we’re Jimmy Fallon? nerdy – in the best possible way. you know it.

♥ valentine’s day and family day in the same long weekend? as seen by point number one, i’ll be at home eating my feelings till tuesday.

♥ i won a valentine’s care package from Virgin Mobile (my cell company) – they sent gum, mints, chap stick, and lip gloss. ummmm, do they know something I don’t? wanna come makeout? I’ll have fresh breath and soft lips. 

♥ are the Olympics over yet? I want my stories back! ok, i’m really just antsy for some new Scandal. i’m still riding the Criminal Minds love train and have been rewarded with 4 (maybe 5?) episodes in the last week from season 3/4/7/8 with JJs hottie husband. It’s the accent. (wait, we talked about this last week, right? I don’t get out much

♥ i’m a total old person on the inside. i was out doing some work about an hour away from home on Sunday morning and the 60s on 6 was counting down the top 20 British Invasion hits from 1964. this actually could have been the best part of my week. 

♥ as i’m sure you can tell from the abundance of photos i love tulips, but i hate succulents. is this a winter thing? why are they everywhere all of a sudden? why would you choose to buy a non-flowering green, waxy plant when there are beautiful, bright flowers in the world!? 

Happy Valentine’s Day my favourite internet friends! I’m at brunch and then doing a little shopping, absolutely picking up fresh, warm heart shaped doughnuts, getting takeout, and watching non-Nicholas Sparks movies tonight. What are your plans? 


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