my fave: valentine’s gifts for yourself

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of hate for Valentine’s Day among the single peeps I know. I’m not sure I think love should be glorified on just one day of the year but I fully support hearts and pink and candy and flowers. Since I’m fairly certain price charming will not be on the other side of my door on Friday morning, I plan on treating myself.


♥ first of all, I have a hot date planned for Friday. Calm down, it’s brunch with my lovely friend Katelyn, who is better than a hot dude

♥ talking about brunch, how cute are these shirts from Buy Me Brunch

♥ i never need a reason to buy myself flowers and picked up 3 bunches of tulips (for only $10) at the market on Sunday. Buy a bouquet for yourself – skip the overpriced roses (meh) and pick up some bright tulips or hydrangeas, they’ll make you think that just maybe spring is around the corner

♥ if you work in an office I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by sweet treats. Valentine’s is conveniently on a friday, to hell with the diet, say yes to the chocolates that cutie is offering

♥ keep yourself warm on this february holiday (which also happens to be the Family Day long weekend in Ontario). Pick up a cute mug like this Good Morning Beautiful one from chapters.indigo for your morning coffee or stock up on some mittens before stores are in full spring mode (my absolute favourite mitts are from aritzia)

♥ looking to treat yourself to something a little more significant? don’t wait for a plus one to buy you jewelry, i love this rose gold kate spade idiom necklace

♥ i frequently change up the decor in my home – earlier this month I busted out the red love and hearts kitchen towels and would love to have a sweet treat in these heart bowls from West Elm (my sweet treat would be peanut M&Ms. They’re my Valentine this year; I don’t want to make you jealous but our relationship is getting pretty serious)

♥ didn’t have a chance to send a Valentine to your nearest and dearest? check out I love just wink cards and you can email a whimsical greeting from the site to those you love. (maybe this is a good time for me to remind you there are a lot of people who won’t hear the words “I love you” on the 14th, they won’t go home to any loved ones, they won’t get any hugs, no kisses; so remind your friends how special they are to you, love isn’t just romantic)

♥ there’s nothing better than an unexpected gift (especially on a “holiday” you’d much rather forget about) so go enter sister’s gelaskins giveaway. wouldn’t that be a great gift for yourself?

♥ after all that brunching with girlfriends and shopping for yourself you deserve a night with your DVR or DVD player or Netflix and a big bowl of ice cream! (you can come over if you want, this is what i’ll be doing friday night)

What are you treating yourself to for Valentine’s Day?


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