friday, i’m in love


Oh hey. It’s been pretty quiet ’round these parts. We’ve had a foot of snow this week and honestly, the cold and snowstorms are really getting to me. I do my best to find things that make me smile every day, but this week they’ve truly been tiny, little, mostly insignificant to anyone but me things. I gathered up all the good stuff for today:

  • talking about brunch, I convinced a friend to let me stay at her place after the Rock game tonight with the sole purpose of us brunching tomorrow morning.
  • When it’s minus a million (yup, warmer than last week’s minus a billion) it’s a good time for comfort food. I’ve made beef stew, sheppard’s pie (with pork not lamb), and baked lemon-rosemary chicken with smashed potatoes. Yes, comfort must be served beside potatoes. I don’t make the rules peeps. When I ran out of potatoes I made this salad (subbed regular caesar dressing with extra lemon squeezes). OMG so good. Soooooooo good. Had it twice in a row.
  • TV things? Only 3 weeks till Scandal is back! I need some Fitz and Jake back in my life. Only 8 more weeks of HIMYM. Sad. The episodes lately have been real good. Chicago Fire & PD are relegated to OnDemand; not cause I don’t like ’em anymore (I do), but because I’m trying to go to sleep earlier, like before 11pm. It’s not working. The first night I tried this I feel asleep at 2am, the next night after midnight. Also? Having a bit of a thing with Criminal Minds. I did watch it on Wednesday night (the first time I’ve watched it in the evening in, oh, 6ish years), while good, just re-affirmed I can’t watch it in the evening. I’m a suck and it’s a bit creepy. The afternoon repeats are a-ok though. (ps: 2 episodes this week with JJs Louisiana cajun-accent husband. I heart him so much)

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