friday, i’m in love


  • Seth Meyers. amiright?!
  • I read Sarah Jio’s lastest novel “Morning Glory” last weekend. And by last weekend I mean on Saturday. I don’t think it’s ever taken more than 12 hours to finish one of her books; love ’em.
  • After (what seems like) 18 years of cold.cold.cold it was only -3 this morning. It’s a winter heatwave! Not winterawesome: the 15cm of snow tomorrow. whhhhy?
  • I watched the NKOTBSB concert on teevee last weekend. Oh you know I saw the concert live in 2012 and happily re-lived alllllll that glory on Sunday. Total fangirl. Talking about boy bands – here’s a little pick me up for your Friday: 25 boy band songs to get you through the day
  • I adore these coasters. I popped into Chapters while running errands earlier this week and saw they are $2 (I know the website say $3, but they’re 2 in stores). For the love of your living room I hope there are some in stock at your store.
  • Guys, I miss Scandal; can’t wait till it’s back. Loving HIMYM. Not love? The Olympics. Seriously. It’s not my thing; they’re boring and none of my stories are on.
  • Confession: I have been a huge grump lately. HUGE. This weather is seriously getting me down – it’s cold and gloomy and snowy all the time. But, tulips were on sale this week so I have a bunch in my office (as seen above) and a bunch in my bedroom and it makes things a liiiiiiiitle less awful.
  • Are you in/around the Guelph area? My friend Jakki recently opened her cupcake storefront (she just sold at the market before) and her Sweet Lemon cupcake (also seen above) was just about the best thing ever. Check out Sweet Temptations if you’re in the area.

What was the best part of your week? 


ps: go Seahawks! 

pps: nope, I don’t watch or like football. I’m not being a bandwagoner, I’m just cheering for the Seahawks and only my sister knows why. 


2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. the himym episode this week restored my enjoyment of the show; i haven’t been a fan lately. maybe it’s been because i too am a total grump once the sunshine goes away. but i think tulips are a lovely way to perk up your spirits!

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