my fave: frozen chocolate banana bites

These are the perfect post gym snack. Or 9pm I’m-gonna-eat-all-the-food-in-this-cabinet snack. Or a this-will-do-cause-I’m-so-proud-I-didn’t-buy-ice-cream snack. Or it’s 8am-and-bananas-are-a-fruit snack.


These are super easy and tasty. And I will never go so far to be one of those girls who are all “this is a dessert cause frozen bananas are creamy, like ice cream”. Negative. I mean, if you let them sit a minute or so, the bananas DO have a slightly creamy texture, but not comparable to ice cream.

And dark chocolate is healthy. Not dessert.



What you need:

  • some bananas (super technical amount; use whatever you have, should be in between green and ripe, you know, yellow with a smattering of small brown dots, like the first day of a brown dot)
  • 1 large handful of chocolate chips per banana

How to:

  • slice bananas into 1cm/quarter inch rounds
  • melt chocolate (microwave method: heat 25 seconds, stir, repeat till chocolate is 90% melted, it will melt completely when you stir)
  • dip banana slices into chocolate and place on cookie sheet (line cookie sheet with parchment or foil and non-stick spray)
  • freeze till chocolate sets or about 20-60 minutes
  • transfer to ziplock bag or air-tight container and keep in freezer


They also make a good snack while their friends pose for a photo shoot.

These babies have lasted a lot longer than anticipated cause it’s minus a billion outside and when I get home from the gym I want another sweater and two more pairs of socks and slippers not frozen fruit.


ps: if you’re feeling extra fancy, sprinkle a wee-tiny-little bit of fine sea salt onto these “healthy truffles” (omg, I kind of want to punch myself for saying that) before putting them in the freezer. Maybe I did this and maybe it was the best thing that happened since buying sea salt dark chocolate caramels from Whole Foods 4 years ago. 


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