friday, i’m in love


  • sometimes dudes can be adorable. probably? (there are no adorable men in my life). +1 for referring gentlemen callers as “bed yoga partners”, +1 for lacrosse reference, +1 for pointing out that if you’re a coffee drinker, your man-friend should be, too.
  • polar (bear) vortex II. damn kids, it is cold here. (ps: don’t love this cold. but do love referring to it as the polar bear vortex.)
  • how much do you love walking into Starbucks to with the intention of working, getting the last table and then doing the table tango until you get the coveted seat by the power outlet? That just happened (hiiiiiii from my neighbourhood SB). I’m pumped to get to plug in my laptop because I do love working from Starbucks – nice change of scenery, lots of people watching, and good music.
  • TV things: The Mindy Project isn’t back till April 1st. whhhha? Also, no, I’m not #teamMindyandDanny. I did not love their plane kiss (do you know how many germs are lurking). How is Cliff ever supposed to trust her now? (Oh yah, totes real life) Watching Chicago PD on OnDemand. I like how they are integrating with Chicago Fire. Did we love HIMYM? I did. But seriously; ring bear. BEAR.
  • the new (ish??) FreeMotion treadmill is no joke and kind of wonderful. It has a 30% incline (I’m not that crazy) but have been doing interval incline workouts between 5-15% in attempts to do some sort of mountain hike in Alberta this year.
  • talking about Alberta, where are you vacationing this year? When it plunges into the -20++++ all I can think of is vacation. I know where I’d like to go (where’s my sugar daddy at? Europe for 2 please!), but I’ll settle for some more west coast.
  • do you love all the heart paraphernalia out there? honestly I don’t really support the idea of Valentine’s Day (shouldn’t you be loving all the time?) but I fully support obscene amount of hearts and candy and flowers and cards. So, who needs my address? Ok, this is what I made (yes, I made it) for sister last year; I don’t know how I’m gonna top it, but I’m gonna try.
  • I referenced “let’s hear it for the boy” in my most recent lacrosse article. It was equally the biggest girl moment and most awesome moment ever. I love writing the fan pieces cause I can do fun stuff like that.

What’s awesome in your world this week? Lets chat TV and vacations, please! 


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