my fave: DIY glitter mason jars

I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Sundays are for sleeping in and brunch and reading in bed and drinking 2 cups of coffee and watching movies and having popcorn for dinner. In my world Sundays are not for grocery shopping or vacuuming or dusting.

Sundays are a great day for spray paint and glitter, too!


what you’ll need:

  • mason jar(s) (this is actually is Classico pasta sauce jar; washed and labels removed)
  • newspaper
  • spray paint (I used Krylon gold)
  • paint brush or foam brush
  • painter’s tape
  • a ruler
  • glue (I used Elmer’s School glue)
  • glitter (I used Creatology from Michaels)
  • spray adhesive or hairspray (I use hairspray)

how to:

Cover your work area with newspaper.


Spray jar and allow to dry. Ideally, you would do this is a well ventilated area (like outside) and not in your office (but there is a few cm of snow covering my apt balcony, so, not well ventilated office it was). Jars will be dry in about 30-60 minutes.


Tape off a border about 1-2″ (or whatever you like) from the bottom of the jar. Use painter’s tape – it comes off easily without stripping the paint.


Coat the jar under the tape border with glue and then cover with glitter and shake off excess.

Allow to sit about a minute then remove tape. You’ll want to do this immediately so the tape doesn’t pull off any of the glue or glitter when they dry.


Coat with a layer of spray adhesive or hairspray to set the glitter. (yup, I use hairspray and yup, it works)


My intent was to use this to store markers in my office but it’s too tall. So, this one’s for decoration and as soon as I’ve made enough fettuccine alfredo I’ll have a jar for my sharpies.

Happy crafting!


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