friday, i’m in love


(no, not Toronto or Atlanta, but it’s my favourite airport picture)

  • ummmm, Ontario = sad face. Why so much snow? Why? Although, it is close to freezing today (which, heatwave) and the snow on the pine trees is very pretty. But why is there a snow pile as high as the second floor (SECOND.FLOOR!!) balcony?! operation:hibernation is in full effect; I’ve got beef stew simmering right now.
  • XM Radio POP2K. I do love me a throwback – enjoyed The Whole World by Outkast and Killer Mike on the drive home today.
  • so remember when I was all “ohhh, I’m toot-tooting my own horn cause I went 3-0 in the first week of NLL picks?” yah, so last week? 0-2. sad panda. 6 games this weekend. I also have a new strategy that I’m applying to most games; pick who I want to win.
  • where my Scandal fans, at? any of y’all hear the hoopla with Chris Christie yesterday and think “damn, he needs some Olivia Pope”.
  • I got my computer back today! The perk about 1 thing going wrong with your computer while it’s under warranty is that they fix everything that you didn’t even know needed fixing. Thanks Future Shop! (and they cleaned the crumbs out of the keyboard…hearts!)
  • not only did I return home to a pile-o-snow but also a pile-o-mail. Which really makes me a happy girl. Christmas cards, Nexus card (with total horrible photo, 19736x worse than a license, guaranteed), Michael Buble tickets for June (momma’s Christmas gift from us to her), gov’t cheques. magazines. gift card I won from Target. hooray for mail!
  • remember these shoes? (aka: yah those. I took them out of my suitcase when I got home (they’re going on display, not hiding in a closet) and I sang the “you are the love of my life” riff from Macklemore’s Thin Line to them. true story. they’re so pretty, how could I not?
  • I kind of have an obscene amount of chocolate I brought home from Chrismas/my grandma gave me and I have a major sweet tooth at the moment, so, yah. woot.
  • last weekend I shared my (lack of) fitness resolutions with I’m Fit Possible – the super neat-o group I’m an ambassador for. You should read it, you know, if you lack motivation, bribe yourself to go to the gym, and love ice cream. Or if you want to read me spill my guts about all those things on the interwebz.

2 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. A stash of left over Christmas goodies is a must. I don’t watch the show Scandal… I’m really into the show Suits…have you heard of it??? I think I may have to watch Scandal…lol hopefully it’s on Netflix so I can catch up! xo

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