my fave: mid-season TV musings

Way back in September I let you know what I’d be tuning into each week. By which I totally meant, leave-me-alone-for-these-hours-each-week-unless-the-show-is-on-ondemand. Not kidding.

I sometimes randomly mutter about what stood out the most in friday, i’m in love, but let’s have a little mid-season chat, yah? I have lots of thoughts.


How I Met Youth Mother

First and foremost, I’m sad it’s ending. This is one of the only shows I started watching at Season 1, Episode 1 and have been religiously tuning in ever since. I love this gang. I do not love that all of season 9 is just the wedding weekend. I do love that the writers take the fab-5 “away from Farhampton” every once and a while with flashbacks. I do not love how the season is already half over; 12 episodes in 3 months and another 10-12 in 5 months, I don’t like that math. I love there will be a slap-bet episode in January.

When does Ted go to LA to see Stella? Do Barney and Robin get married? (if you’re crazy like me, you may remember in season 7, episode 20: Trilogy Time, Barney’s left hand is in his pocket or behind him or beneath him. Also season 8, episode 15: Bad Crazy, Robin and Lily are chatting in the future and Robin’s left hand is also mysteriously never shown.) Who wins the career war: Lily and Rome or Marshall and his Judge position? So. Much. Unanswered!


Hart of Dixie

Do not love Joel. I am a loyal, loyal traveler of the Zoe + Wade love train. Poor guy did pine a little too long, so, I am eager to see how he drives Zoe wild by dating her cousin. Or actually, honey just needs to keep taking his shirt off and doing whatever the hell he pleases. Boom!

new girl

New Girl

I’m not blown away by anything this season. It started off slooooooow. Then there was a good episode followed by a mediocre one. I’ll keep watching, but it’s been relegated to OnDemand catch-up over the weekend. I love you Nick Miller but not enough. Coach coming back has added less than nothing to the show, and while I love cats, the storyline with Winston and Furguson is even a little too much for me.

mindy project

The Mindy Project

Much, much better than New Girl, but sometimes still leaving me meh. Why did Pastor Casey have to leave? And I adored the episode with Josh’s wedding; come back regularly, Josh, please? I think they do a great job of casting Mindy’s flings/boyfriends cause I am also loving Cliff! The post-Christmas-party rooftop kiss; magic. The new doctor kind of grinds my gears sometimes, and I don’t love Morgan or Tamra. Where did Mindy’s girlfriends go? I do love me a hot man, but um, where the ladies at?


NCIS: Los Angeles

I have nothing bad to say. I loved the Deeks character development in the first few episodes. I love the potential Kensi + Deeks lovefest. I love that Nate was back for an episode.

chicago fire

Chicago Fire

Oh Casey; Casey, Casey, Casey. I am the first person in line to voice my hate of the Casey-Dawson lovefest. I’m hoping this ends quickly in the new year since he doesn’t think she should be a firefighter. Snore. I’m happy Shea figured her shit out and is back. I like when her and Kelly are cute friends instead of fighting friends; maybe they should try to have a baby again? Still major firefighter swoonfest happening on Tuesday nights at my house.

grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

I have few real feelings about Grey’s anymore. I told you in September, I’m just riding out the storm on this cause, why not? I’ll usually watch it onDemand on the weekend or whenever I get around to it. I get it that new moms and single ladies have trouble remaining friends, but this Christina-Meredith thing is too much. I’m happy Christina is leaving at the end of this season. Never really liked her character. Owen, my little ginger cutie, I’m happy you’re happy with your new baking ladyfriend.

hawaii five-o

Hawaii Five-O

Did you see the Pearl Harbour episode? Wow! It was good. Like NCIS:LA there isn’t much Hawaii Five-O can do wrong. Most of the episode relies on the how-to-catch-a-killer story, so, there isn’t much to dislike. One thing, I didn’t love how they killed Cath’s PI ex-boyfriend the first day they worked together; I think that could have been a fun storyline with Steve getting all jealous.

Newbies added to the rotation:



I can’t even tell you why I watched the first episode of this season back in October; but I was hooked. I love every character (expect Quinn going way over to the dark side is bad). #teamFitz but also #teamJake. I’d be having a hot steamy affair with the President, too. Do your thing Olivia. Scandal is on the Netflix in the US, so I’m all caught up and very anxiously awaiting till season 3 returns at the end of February.



Oh this is so far into the guilty pleasure category. The storylines are out there. It’s essentially an evening soap opera. But I really like it. Only 13 episodes, it ends in a few weeks, and there are rumblings of it being cancelled. If so? It was fun while it lasted – you are one dreamy cheater Jack McCallister.

ps: if you haven’t noticed a have a thing for cheaters: Hart of Dixie (Wade), Betrayal (everyone), Scandal (Olivia, Fitz), Mindy Project (Josh). Bad trait in real life; seemingly my favourite one in TV charaters. 


3 thoughts on “my fave: mid-season TV musings

  1. I am sad to see How I Met Your Mother end as well. I did lose some interest last season but got into it for his season. We have watched since S1E1 too. It will be weird not having it on Monday nights. There is always late night reruns though!

    • I haven’t seen the newest episode yet, but I don’t like Danny and Mindy as more than coworkers. I’m really not a big Danny fan though. I think I just like the cast as a whole and keep the romance outside the office.

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