friday, i’m in love


  • do you have any 2014 resolutions or goals? I don’t cause I think both are dumb (yah, I said it). I would however like to walk more, hate the gym less, eat more fruit, be less of an asshole, call people douchebags about the same amount, and eat ice cream whenever the craving hits. (except maybe these resolutions; these aren’t half bad)
  • NLL season started last weekend; with the team at I make weekly picks and went 3-0 on opening weekend. Go me!  (they’ve also talked me into a fantasy league….I don’t know how I feel about that yet)
  • I am drinking as much Dunkin Donuts as I can down south. I don’t even know how people swallow Tim Hortons; DD is by far the best non-Starbucks (and at times, better than Starbucks) coffee I’ve had. loves you. (totally wish DD was in Canada)
  • Scandal! sweet baby jesus; I love Scandal. Wow! Season 1 was good, season 2 was awesome. (#teamfitz but also, #teamjake). I’ve watched season 3, but most is on xfinity down here, so, I’ll likely watch it again. Not cool? It’s not back on till February 27th. sad panda.
  • I’ve watched parts of 2 bowl games over the past few days. Who am I? I’m not even trying to impress a boy (don’t pretend like you haven’t done the same thing) University of Georgia was playing in the first (they lost) and Georgia Tech in the second (also lost). I don’t think I’m ready to sort-of-maybe-kinda think football is ok, I’ve spent so long hating on it. (I blame Friday Night Lights for my thinking football is sort-of-maybe-kinda ok).
  • Looking forward to The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Sunday night. yeeesssssssssss! hearts, Jimmy!
  • Because I’m so cool (sooooo cooooooool) I thought the Ke$ha and Pitbull song was called Tinder. Oh it’s not? That’s a strange dating/makeyouty/totally stalkery app. Boy is my face red. Also cause I’m (less than) cool, I kind of love it. The song. Do not have the app.
  • Not love? American Hustle. Am I missing something? It was meh at best. Also, sister and I may be the only people who aren’t Jennifer Lawrence fans, but again, am I missing something? Meh at best.

6 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. Now that I have The Cure stuck in my head… Thank you… Do you find that if you try to be less of an asshole, people closest to you do not let go of the fact that at one time you were a big one and can’t except that you are trying to change that part about you? IDK – maybe it’s just me. I am a lot less cranky then say, three years ago. (my blog was originally called ‘Because I said so’) But there are some peeps that will still tag me in things that I just don’t relate to anymore…. I just LOL and move on…

    • I really only bring out the assholeness with my sister and best friend; we all have a similar outlook and wicked sarcasm. They say just as many jerky things as i do…and likely just as many jerky things as any siblings and best friends. I actually try my best to be exceptionally nice to strangers.

  2. Haha to your Tinder comment! I can see how you’d be confused 😉 Same feeling on American Hustle! Thought the acting was good but just didn’t like the move in itself that much.

  3. Thanks to recent vacations/weather, I also just got addicted to Scandal. Where have we been? Anyway, I’m also torn between #teamfitz and #teamjake. What if I said Olivia could have Fitz if I could have Jake???

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