friday, i’m in love


hello, hello, hello. Still in Georgia, still loving beach life, still have managed to not get into fight with family members.

  • so last weekend when most people I know in Ontario were without power we were walking in the ocean and reading magazines poolside in near 30 degree temps. (I can be a jerk sometimes, but I am truly sorry if you were without power for a really long period of time. I’m happy my grandma and most friends had theirs back within about a day)
  • Boxing Day isn’t a thing in Georgia (or most of the states). While the sales aren’t as great as back home, they were decent and the stores aren’t crowded. Much more pleasant. I assume more pleasant; I’ve never been Boxing Day shopping at a mall.
  • Finished up season one of Friday Night Lights. It grew on me; hard to get into (probably cause I don’t like football), but my crushes on minors combined with Tami Taylor’s hair kept me coming back for more. Can’t wait to see Katelyn in January to borrow seasons 2-5. Snuggles to Matt – love him. Snuggles to Tim Riggins when he’s filling a paternal void by being all dad-like with Bo. Snuggles to Eric and Tami – I love the way their relationship is written.
  • I would have kept on the FNL train but I wanted to catch up on Scandal while I’m still in the states (hearts US Netflix). I just started watching Scandal this season (season 3) and I’m all sorts of confused. I breezed through season one – only 7 episodes – and moving onto season 2 today. It’s rainy and gloomy till Sunday so, less beach, more Scandal. (I’m on team “I would totally have an affair with Fitz”)
  • Like last season, I’m writing a few posts a week for, fan poll on Thursdays and staff picks on Fridays (I’ll tweet about them and they’ll be posted in the IL Indoor tab at the top of this page). I wooped those boys’ butts in the playoffs last season, lets see if I can continue to pick the winners as the 2014 NLL season starts tomorrow.
  • BBQ. Oh, I said that last week? Yah, well, we went again. I’m hoping at least 2 more visits before I go home.

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