my christmas faves

Merry (almost) Christmas from the beach!


This little island town does it up – there was a live Nativity over the weekend, a wee (and oh so adorable) fresh tree lot by the firehouse, decorations on palm trees, and a chorus of “Merry Christmas” and “have a blessed day” as you leave just about every store. Heck, they’re streaming a Christmas music radio station from Michigan at the BBQ joint.

I’m not sad there isn’t any snow. Bah humbug. We have Michael Buble Christmas to listen to and The Holiday to watch. We have Christmas cookies in our tummies and our Christmas Eve/Day traditions are the same in the 912 as the 519. The spirit of Christmas is portable.

So, from me to you, a few of my favourite Christmas things:

Cookies – Santa loves chocolate-mint cacookies. he told me. Santa also really likes pecan crescents.


Movies – these ones are my favourite. Buzzfeed has an amazing series going, questions left unanswered from: Muppet Family Christmas (my all time favourite christmas movie), White Christmas, and Elf. And of course, 3 cheers for The Holiday (this needs to be added to the questions left unanswered series...seriously, do Sophie and Olivia have their own phones? How do their names appear on Graham’s cell? huh?)  Y’all will be happy to know I’ve only watched 1 made-for-TV Christmas movie since I’ve been here. 

Cards – for the love of everything great, you’ve bought/made, written, and sent yours right? Don’t think e-cards are ok. They aren’t.

Smitten – fall in love with new boots, some warm mitts, a great new nail polish (to show off your manicured toes should you be on the beach), or perhaps a fella you’ve been making eyes at over peppermint mochas. Treat yourself to an indulgent meal, a good bottle of champagne, maybe some perfume or new running shoes (they ARE gonna be on sale in a few days). (ahem santa? I’d like boots, perfume, and running shoes. oh, also the cute boy. thanks)



What’s Christmas looking like where you’re at? Christmas snuggles to all y’all (I gotta get my southern in as much as I can)


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