friday, i’m in love


Oh hiiiiiiiiiii! I would have most likely-probably-maybe shared what I was loving but I’ve been too busy soaking up some sun (with SPF) to really be anywhere near a computer for anything more than work. But couldn’t stay away from our Friday morning lovefest.

  • you know what doesn’t suck? Sunshine, blue skies, and temps in the high teens/low twenties. Yah, Christmas in the southern US is awesome. (we went on a famjam drive to see Christmas lights – there aren’t too many – while listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas cd, and are potentially heading out to watch the live Nativity at my favourite church tonight…I sure hope there’s a Christmas lobster!)
  • we watched a bit of the Jingle Ball on Wednesday night; seems mom and dad don’t quite share my Macklemore love. (side note: swoon) (side note 2: anyone wanna fly me and sis to NYC to see him perform on NYE and then sis back to Calgary and me back to the island? anyone?)
  • I think Santa is putting a little cashmoney in my stocking and I think I’m gonna get Marc Jacobs Dot. I really love me some MJ perfume
  • What are you asking Santa for? Receiving gifts is so hard as an adult, if I need something I’ll just go buy it. I picked out all my stocking stuffers at Target with my mom and have nothing on my Christmas list. I’m pretty lame.
  • Southern men. Yah yah, I’ve said it before, but…swoon so hard. Especially when a southern man is wearing a suit and eating BBQ; does it get any better? (maybe a southern firefighter?)
  • I’m watching Friday Night Lights on the US Netflix. (other than Katelyn) have you seen it? Does Lyla get less annoying? Is there less football past episode 8? Can I snuggle Matt? Tami.Taylor’!
  • Not love? Instagram videos. Whhhhhhy? Isn’t that what vine is for? (which, maybe not? I don’t know. I don’t have that app)


What’s good on the interwebz peeps? I feel like there are cats knocking down Christmas trees and DIY ornaments to be made and yummy cookies someone else is baking and a lot of general sarcasm I haven’t seen….cause I’m on the beach. (yes, that was me rubbing it in. I am so happy to not be in dreary old ontario)


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