friday, i’m in love


  • are there any better words than “we’re leaving for Georgia on Friday instead of Saturday”?. Ummmm, ok. See ya tomorrow, beach.
  • I’m having a major love affair with deer and plaid, especially a buffalo check.
  • my grandma made me all my favourites when I went to visit on Wednesday; I’m a little bit spoiled by her and I’m a lot ok with that.
  • I have done pretty much nothing christmassy; how was the Distillery Christmas Market? Have you gone to tree lightings? I’m indifferent to ice skating; it always seems so crowded and I have awful visions of someone falling and their hand getting skated over. I have had my fair share of peppermint coffee and peppermint mochas. Nom. I haven’t watched any made-for-tv Christmas movies this week; I’m pretty proud of myself. I did watch Meet Me in St. Louis though, and was reminded how lame I am to be older than 17 and not engaged. Major old maid territory. Oh 1944. (but I was carded while out for drinks last week, so, mini win.)
  • Michael Buble Christmas cd (yes, cd. I found it unopened from Value Village for $3) is pretty great. Very much looking forward to his Christmas Special next week. It’s still 80% The Heist and 20% Christmas tunes.
  • eyebrows. I have 2 of them again.
  • puppy kisses
  • I’m gonna see sister on Tuesday. So. Excited.

I’ve been all sorts of not near my computer this week; what’s good on the interwebz these days, peeps?


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