my fave: macklemore

You guuuuuys. It’s bad. So bad it’s good.

So, I know I already mentioned my love, but my The Heist listening is at par with this summer’s Dirty Dancing Soundtrack listening. Remember that? When I listened to DD on repeat for a good 10 days? Yah, it’s all Macklemore & Ryan Lewis up in heeeerrrrrrrrrrrre. (I’m also secretly a gangsta on the inside. white rapper complex)


Remember that one time sister caught a surprise Mack & RL concert at the ING Direct becomes Tangerine launch a month ago? Yah. The mild infatuation started before that, but the real love started to grow just after I found out I missed an early November concert in Buffalo. (hashtag typical)

So maybe one night I had quite the lovely dream of Ben (we’re on a first name basis) serenading me.

Any good tunes you recommend I add to my next playlist?

ps: I strongly recommend watching the Fall 2013 documentary series, it’s amazing! episode 1episode 2 episode 3 – episode 4 – episode 5

pps: did you see that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were named UN Free & Equal campaign Equality Champions? How awesome is that? No freedom till we’re equal – damn right I support it. 

ppps: photo from by Zoe Rain from The Heist tour. Lots of amazing tour photos on the site. 

pppps: if I don’t answer the phone, it’s cause “Can’t Hold Us” is my ringtone and I’m likely dancing. 

ppppps: do you think Mom and Dad would notice if I included The Heist in our 17 hour (17. HOURS! with my parents. in a car.) drive to Georgia this weekend? Followed by some Buddy Holly, obvs. 


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