I’m Fit Possible: ’tis the season giveaway #2 {kooshoo}

Do you remember the premise? Stop feeling bad for the little extra you’ve done for yourself this holiday season.

The little extra sleep. The little extra whip. The little less time on the treadmill. Or the little (huge) piece of cake. Guys; trust me on this, cake = joy and the holidays are all about sharing joy (at least that’s what Starbucks tells me), so, cake it up! (and if you have extra, I’m home for the next few days, I’m not really a great sharer, but I can try. Bring 2 forks.)


If a free pass to eat more cake wasn’t good enough, you’ve still got 2 more days to enter the second (of ten!!) ’tis the season giveaways.

On facebook, twiter, or instagram, (tag us: @imfitpossible, #imfitpossible) share how you are relaxing, indulging, enjoying, or breathing (bless your heart for finding time to exercise between all that cake eating) this season and you can win a beautiful kooshoo headband.


I know what you’re thinking, but no, that is not me and my stud of a (fake) boyfriend. Easy to make the mistake, the model and I have the same……………hair colour.

So, what are you not feeling guilty about loving this month?


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