friday, i’m in love


  • I’m Nexus approved! woot! line-free border crossing and airport security checkpoints coming in 2014.
  • I had brunch with one of my fave fellas last weekend. We don’t see each other often enough, but it was pretty much a 2 hour lovefest. hearts.
  • my bestie came up last night – we’re eating and drinking our way through our favourite places in Guelph for 24 hours
  • I’m leaving my house in 5 days and Canada in 8 days. I can’t wait to dig my toes into Georgia sand (and my teeth into Georgia BBQ). But my packing OCD has struck and I’m stressed that I don’t know what the weather will be like past the first few days after we arrive. How does one pack for a whole month? (oh yah, they just buy new things at Target)
  • NLL season starts in a few WEEKS! (!!!)
  • Have you shared how you’re relaxing, indulging. and enjoying this holiday season? Catch up on I’m Fit Possible’s ’tis the season holiday campaign – new prizes announced every few days!! I wanna see a whole lotta catjamas and overflowing mugs of hot chocolate topped with gooey marshmallows on instagram (or FB or twitter).
  • christmassy movies. and the borderline shameful amount of made-for-tv ones I’ve watched in the last few weeks (but, not love? why are they are unoriginal? The christmas version of The Lake House is worse than the original and it was baaaaaaad. And why do the male and female protagonists hate each other then like each other then go on one date then share the most romantic kiss/get engaged/get married on Christmas Day? whhhhhy?) (related: do you wanna come over and entertain me so I don’t watch more of these?)
  • TV things – maybe I’ll write up a post with my mid-season thoughts…cause I have lots of them.

And a few not-love things:

  • moustache paraphernalia – so strange
  • I’m really, really over bowties
  • spelling your name all strange/using your first and middle name on the FB – you know there are privacy settings to make you unsearchable if that’s what you’re going for
  • my allergies have been pretty tame for most of the year, but are back this week (thank you timehop for reminding me this is run-of-the-mill for me and the first week of December —- LNJF thank you notes stylez. teehee)
  • negative comments on instagram accounts (like on popular brands/sports teams, etc). Why must MLB post a photo and some asshole feels the need to say “Red Sox suck” (but with more explicit language). Dude, keep it to yourself.
  • yes I’m still using my 2002 laptop. It took nearly 4 hours to write and schedule 3 blog posts; about 45 minutes to boot up, make a revision, and send a contract to a client. How efficient. 3 more workdays then I’m using Momma’s laptop while I’m away.
  • elf on the shelf. Whhhhhy?
  • the 756 sale emails I got in the last week. Retailers, it’s Black Friday not black-friday-and-allofthedays-8day-sale. And I don’t need 12 emails a day as a reminder

5 thoughts on “friday, i’m in love

  1. I know all about old laptops. My laptop from 2006 died last year. yikes. so I’ve been using my Dad’s which is from 2002 or 2003. Awful stuff. Finally picked up a new laptop on Cyber Monday and can’t wait. I crash the laptop all the time with all my tabs in Chrome haha.

    • Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’ve worked on it for more than a week. I can’t have more than 1 tab open and even then it nearly crashes a few times a day.

      Yay for new laptops; what did you get?

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