my fave: bedroom art


Remember a million years ago (or 3 months ago) when I was all “I’m working on putting together art/frames/a design for a gallery-esque wall in my bedroom”? I’d say I hardly do either, but frames have been resting against the floor in my bedroom for 2 months. Oh I remember.

I had good intentions. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. (related: I think I know one of the many reasons I’m single; I don’t actually know what I want.) Anywho, it finally came together 2 weeks ago.

2013-11-30 18.22.06

With a little bling and festive flair.

top left: creepster photo of a real NYC couple taken by a friend of mine – they had no idea he was taking their photo, and it’s just so beautiful // bottom left: baby it’s cold outside from b is for bonnie design // center left: vintage camera pic sis took and printed for me // center right: gold heart on blush background from b is for bonnie design // top right: good morning beautiful from pearls and pastries // bottom right: ballerina print I’ve had forever // glitter frames made by me // necklace from Target

2013-11-30 18.23.00

I’m completely in love with the whole colour scheme.


ps: even though the prints are reasonably priced, both design shops have regular sales. I follow Lauren and Bonnie on the instagram for (gold, sparkly) inspiration and the inside scoop on promos. 


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