my fave: random acts of holiday kindness

Last week sister wrote about holiday kindness and the way Edo Japan’s Elves are spreading joy in the Calgary area (ps: you have till December 5th to enter the giveaway).

This got me thinking; when the holiday season is supposed to be about family, and kindness, and joy, and celebrating, and love, why are we being such assholes? Why is it really about the best present?  or resenting having to travel? or complaining about having to spend the day with your family?

do little things with great love

I’ll get the ball rolling, here a few easy, inexpensive things (random acts of kindness don’t have to be all buying things for other people) you can do this holiday season to make you feel like less of a grinch:

  • donate to Christmas kettles (I save up my quarters, dimes, and nickels for the month of December, and before I leave next week will drop these into a kettle…yes, I still use cash to pay for things)
  • bring non-perishables to a food bank (they usually post of their website what they are most in need of)
  • donate to a shelter (you can contact them in advance to see what they need most)
  • pet lover? some humane societies accept food for animals in their shelter (you can also check with them beforehand)
  • volunteer to wrap gifts at the mall – volunteer anywhere, a great activity for families to teach kids about kindness
  • send holiday cards (I know I say this all the time, but a simple message about how much your friends and family mean to you goes a long way)
  • Have a few extra cookies from holiday baking? Leave them for your mail carrier (if you’re lucky enough to have mail delivered right to your home). Take the bus? I bet the driver would love a cookie or two
  • buy and donate a toy to toy mountain (or similar kids toy drives)
  • shovel snow for a neighbour (or volunteer for a Snow Angels program if your city runs one)
  • put a few quarters in a meter if you notice it’s about to expire
  • have a few more dollars to spend? consider adopting a family with a group of friends or co-workers

Most importantly, be aware of your attitude. Those in retail deal with a lot of snarky customers in December; say hello to cashiers, ask a barista how their day is going. Smile and say thank you like you mean it.

Be a citizen of whoville in a sea of grinches.

Grow the list – what are some other easy, inexpensive things you can do (of have done) to spread kindness over the holidays (or any time)?

ps: but please do not randomly hug people. I get it, some people dig that kind of thing, I dig my personal space. I love hugs, but not from people I don’t know. 


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