my fave: jimmy fallon

Like most things, I’ve been late to jump on the Jimmy Fallon love train. I thought he was sweet and charming in Fever Pitch, but I also really love baseball, but 12:35am (that’s when Late Night airs, right?) is just way, way too late. Well, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was recently added to the MuchMusic afternoon rotation, playing the episode from the evening prior at 3pm. THAT I can get behind.


(hands up if you think Jimmy has a strong Josh Radnor resemblance, anyone?)

The opening monologue and desk segment before the commercial are some of the funniest 15 minutes of my day. Which is a bold statement, because some days I only talk to myself, and I’m hilarious!

I’m a little (A LOT) in love with a comedian who laughs at his own jokes. My man Jimmy seems pretty down to earth, yes? So, for a little break today, enjoy some of my faves from Late Night:


#momtexts and #dadquotes

Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

YOLO: The Lonely Island, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Slow Jam the news with Barack Obama

Brian Williams Raps

Thank you notes – Late Night Hashtags

I’m sure that’s enough to ensure you don’t get any work done today.


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