friday, i’m in love


Cheers to you, Starbucks Friday! (it’s a thing. cause I said so. when I worked at UofG I always picked up Starbucks on my way into work on Fridays, hence, 5.5 years of Starbucks Fridays!)

And now, allofthelinks – cause it seems lots of fabulous happened on the interwebz this week:

Other things

  • a quick note on doughnuts…yeast fried over baked all day everyday. No, I am not willing to consider your rebuttal.
  • my Christmas vacation starts 3 weeks tomorrow and I am so.excited!
  • can we take a moment to chat about the new approved series “How I Met Your Dad“? I don’t know how I feel about this. Thoughts? Musings? Come talk me off the ledge cause if they’re just gonna make this, why can’t HIMYM just stay on?
  • More TV things – NCIS: LA, how do we feel about Kensi and Deeks? I’m pumped. Love it. Hart of Dixie – Josh needs to go and Zoe and Wade need to make some bad decisions. Together. I just started watching Scandal this year, um, wow. But less eating your wrists, Olivia’s mom? k, thanks (I know why, just, ewww). Chicago Fire – Dawson and Casey do not need to make bad decisions together, no siree. Oh, and Shea? get your head out of your ass, accept help and stop being a bitch. Betrayal! (I know, you don’t watch it). Ahhhh-some. It’s only a 13-episode season and I’ve been loving them all; do your thing Jack, cheat your little heart out.
  • Starbucks Christmas blend + caramel brulee syrup. do it.
  • Oh, a note from sister – go see Dallas Buyers Club.

So yah. What are you loving this week?


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