my fave: JFK

I entered University as a history major, wanting to focus on European history and WW2. That changed quickly, because honestly, it was hard and had a lot of pre-requisites, which was difficult for me to adhere to when I wanted to take as many different things as possible.

I may have not taken all the history courses UofG had to offer but my love for learning about our past didn’t die on a January day when I switched my scholastic focus. If I’m being completely honest, it’s the semi-catastrophic things in our history that fascinate me; not in a strange, dark I-love-death kind of way, but there is usually more conspiracy theories, more back story associated with the wars, disasters, assassinations, scandals.


Y’all know I love me a Massachusetts man. A nice powerful east-coaster. Who also is a charmer (what is wrong with me and my love for a cheater?).

Tomorrow marks 50 years since the assassination of the 35th President of the United States. Trying to learn as much about it as possible, I have watched 8 documentaries about the President, his family, the day, and his politics last Sunday and the Sunday before. 

Sure, he’s remarkably easy on the eyes, but had an upstanding military career before becoming a member of the House of Representatives, Senator, then President by 44. We slam the states for not teaching students about Canada and Canadian history but I don’t remember much about US Politics showing up in my classroom. So, I’m taking it upon myself to learn more now. 

I know you shaped and influenced my Dad and his family, JFK. I sure wish it was still raining in Dallas that morning…


ps: wanna swoon a little more? Check out these great photos (how cool is #22?). These too (#11 is my fave). Ok, last ones from LIFE Magazine (love #18)


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