my fave: when I grow up

Other than taller*, I never quite knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

In a not awful way, I kind of fell into all 3 big girl jobs I’ve had. The third, and my current one, the family business, not something I went to school for, and not something I thought I would be doing, but actually really enjoy.

While watching Betrayal Sunday, I thought of all the things I wish I could get paid for. This list is mostly comprised of big, lofty dreams, cause quite frankly, I have very little artistic capabilities. And I can’t sing.

Anyway. when I grow up I wanna be a(n):

  • artist – something fabulously creative; photography, painting, or graphic design, mostly
  • FBI Intelligence Analyst – thank you TV and books for letting me know this was a thing
  • private investigator – I’m really nosy and a total internet creepster already!
  • Broadway superstar – I love, love, love musical theatre. Being in the swing in Jersey Boys would be pretty damn fabulous
  • travel writer – because who wouldn’t want to see all the things for free!?
  • researcher/fact checker
  • something related to Major League Baseball. Stats would be cool. I’d really just like to hang out in a stadium every day
  • interior designer – who doesn’t want to spend other people’s money to buy pretty things!?
  • PTSD counsellor – I’m really not sure why; working with veterans has always appealed to me
  • a fairly chill rockstar’s girlfriend – I don’t really want to deal with the drama of drugs, alcohol, or groupies, but would like some plush travel and the opportunity to watch my +1 perform daily

While most of these aren’t gonna happen, I’m still hanging on to the possibility of trophy wife. So, I guess I’m off to the gym…

* I’m still waiting….


What’s your dream job?


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