my fave: the things that matter most

It seems the old adage “with age comes wisdom” is true. Subconsciously, as my 30th birthday approached earlier this month I started to focus on what was really important to me.

It started with things. I went room by room, closet by closet, thing by thing, and donated what I wasn’t using or what I didn’t need or what I didn’t really love anymore. Which (woot!) meant I also went shopping to replace a few things and pick up more classic pieces.

Next was refining my outlook on life – regardless of how corny that sounds. As I inched closer to 30 (which is totally grown-up status. I’m a lady now, but please don’t call me ma’am), somehow things became clearer.


Well, maybe I’m not a full-fledged grown up yet because I wrote this down after hearing it in the most cheesy made-for-tv Lifetime (no, really) holiday movie.


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