my fave: pleasure

This isn’t about to be an after-school-special and has nothing to do with sexytimes. Don’t worry. (and apologies to the person who found my slice of the interwebz by searching “allison online dating” we’re not going talking about relationships today…although, if you’re interested in dating me, um, heeeeey!?)

Have you seen this commercial?

Yes it’s from Dairy Farmers of Canada. Yes it’s about cheese. Yes, I absolutely love the message. What’s the message, you ask?

Cheese, duh! Which is totes why I bought 3 different kinds yesterday. Loading up on the pleasure.

Ok, so it’s not about about cheese. I love that there is a commercial spreading love and enjoyment and taking time with friends. I think this is a great pre-holiday commercial. It’s not about counting calories or cutting things out; it’s about spending time with the people you love, it’s about happiness and making moments count…………and eating cheese while you do those things. Which? Sign me up!


With a whole lot of negativity swirling around everyday what do you do to make each day a little more joyful? What is your excellent source of pleasure? 


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