my fave: ice cream

Oh hi there. After the week-long flurry of birthday love I took a few days away from the posting. Mostly to lay on my couch (hello, Sunday!) and snack on what little food I have left in my house. Who wants to go grocery shopping for me?!

One can’t subsist off just ice cream. Damn you nutrients!


my heart.

I haven’t shied away from professing my (undying) love for ice cream to y’all, but have never let you know what my ultimate fave is. I feel a little smug right now – the same feeling I’m sure you (lovely) Americans feel when you blog about things only available in the U.S. of A and make me incredibly jealous. Well, this is slice of frozen heaven is exclusive to Canadian grocery stores. Suckers.

It’s simple and easy and sweet and the vanilla is perfect (another thing you may not know about me: I don’t like chocolate based ice cream – vanilla all the way, baby). And the thin chocolate crackle pieces make it perfect for forking. By which I mean the Bridgman family tradition of eating ice cream straight from the carton with a fork.

Maybe it was on sale this week.

Maybe I went to the grocery store first thing Sunday morning just to get some and some tortilla chips so I could devour the remaining white cheddar and parmesan dip. Ok fine, a doughnht, too. (it’s my birthday and I’ll eat all the carbs if I want to)

Maybe all I have left in my house now is ice cream, chicken broth, pomegranate seeds, yougart, and coffee. Maybe.

Maybe all that’s on my current grocery list is: eggs, brussels sprouts, chicken. I’m still plotting a way to find nutrients (other than dairy, obvs. so healthy) in ice cream so I can eat it for all the meals. Oh, and invent a way that ice cream + shivering = negative calories.

psst: I just saw toasted coconut ice cream in the PC Holiday Insider’s Report. I heart you Galen Weston! 


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